About the work

A consistent theme to Gareth’s work is the relationship between chaos and control, between spontaneous, often randomly and energetically applied calligraphic gestures vying with geometric structures. Paint is applied in opaque textures and translucent surfaces which produce a layered depth to the images.

Paintings have typically been made with acrylic and mixed media on canvas, with works on paper using mixed media, including mono-print surfaces and collage. Inscriptions with graphite add to the gestural character of the work and in some instances use autobiographical semiology. In the most recent work encaustic, oil paint and mixed media on board has been used, allowing surfaces to be built and shaped away, to reveal nuances of the works layered past.

Identity is another reference as too are the effects of external influences on individuals, families and communities.

In recent work the relationship between the emotional energy of chaos and, calm, considered structures of control still feature although often the geometric frameworks previously employed have become less dominant. These compositions use vertical and/or horizontal bands of colour of varying dimensions and methods of application along with textured surfaces and collaged fabric.

More prominent at present is the consideration of time passing, of presence and absence. There is reference to our transient relationship with nature, with seasons, with continuous change, with mortality, but also the enduring; legacies of experiences are represented through mark and colour applied in varying degrees of opacity, revealing or obliterating references to the paintings evolution.

Far From Home